What is a light year equal to in kilometers?

a) 8.46 trillion

b) 9.46 trillion

c) 10.46 trillion

d) 11.46 trillion (more…)

What is the name of US president who signed civil rights act of 1964?

a) Jhon F. Kennedy

b) Martin Luther King

c) Lyndon B. Jhonson 

d) Barry Goldwater (more…)

When did Pakistan launch its first space satellite Badr-1?

a) 11 July 1990

b) 16 July 1990

c) 14 August 1990

b) 16 August 1990 (more…)

Who was the first man to reach the south pole?

a) Robert Scott

b) Roald Amundsen

c) Ernest Shackleton

d) Edward Wilson (more…)